Strand For Women

The Iranian population is asking for everyone in favor of democracy, everyone in favor of women’s rights, to support the #WomanLifeFreedom movement and bring light and attention to their important fight. They need all of us. A number of artists have voiced their support, and I also answered this urgent call by another call: asking for hair strands, a medium consistent with my artist practice as I started in 2007 to collect hair strands from people inspiring me. And the courageous women and men in Iran should inspire all of us. People are cutting off their hair in an act of defiance: Hair became a universal symbol that we should keep alive.
We are a group of artists who use hair in our work since years and want here to show support to the universal movement happening in Iran - with our own way of expression, art.
Our collaborative show will open next Wednesday on a very symbolic date to remember March 8th, 1979, when urban Iranian women took part in a week of demonstrations in Tehran, beginning on International Women’s Day, to protest the new Islamist regime’s edict compelling women to wear hijab.

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