Prune Nourry’s latest carte blanche exhibition is located under the central skylights of Paris’ Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store. The piece takes its inspiration from the mythological figure of the Amazon, the women of Greek legend who would mutilate their right breast to become better archers.  L’Amazone Érogène is a monumental installation that highlights the warrior attributes of these hunters: a cloud of 888 flying arrows and a gigantic, evocatively shaped bow all point to breast-shaped targets that are 4 meters in diameter. In striving for a sense of catharsis, L’Amazone Érogène becomes a metaphor for fighting illness and healing. The piece also expresses a sense of potential through procreation, the arrows representing a flotilla of spermatozoa, launched to fertilize the target ovum.


Prune Nourry is selling for an educational purpose the 888 arrows that make up this installation. Women fighting cancer are often in need for literature allowing them to better understand how to face their situation. Prune’s new book Aux Amazones [“For the Amazons”], to be published by Éditions Marabout (Hachette) in 2021 takes the form of a journal to which a variety of experts have made contributions (including an oncologist, a psychologist, a nurse, and a pediatric psychiatrist).
The income from the sale of the arrows will fund the free distribution of the book to women fighting cancer—through physicians and specialized institutions, the Paris university hospital system, and non-profit organizations. For each arrow purchased, more than twenty contemporary Amazons will receive this book, free of charge.


Each arrow sold forms part of the installation L’Amazone Érogène at the Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche department store in Paris. The arrows are numbered from 1 to 888 and are signed by the artist. 126 cms long, the arrows are constructed from wood, brass, and white or brown-colored feathers, they come with a hanging system and mounting instructions.


The arrows from the installation L’Amazone Érogène will be available starting in April 2021.
You may pick up them up in person, free of charge, from Galerie Templon (we will contact you when they are ready), or you may have them delivered to you.  In this latter case, shipping will be charged depending on the country of destination (see below when you place your order and make your payment).


One arrow – white or brown-colored at random: 270 EUROS, all taxes included, not including shipping
Shipping : Expand below depending on your delivery location

Two arrows – white and brown-colored: 490 EUROS, all taxes included, not including shipping
Shipping : Expand below depending on your delivery location




« AMAZONE ÉROGÈNE » Original song by -M- fear. Ibeyi, written by Prune Nourry



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