The Procreative Dinner

The Procreative Dinners are performances associating art, gastronomy and science. Guests consider the concept of “children à la carte” as they eat their way through all the stages of assisted procreation.


For this performative project, which has already taken place in Geneva and Paris, Prune asks how new techniques of assisted reproduction might lead us to an artificial evolution of the human being through gene selection.

In the presence of the artist and among some of her sculptural works, the scientist is invited to present his/her research on AHR (Artificial Human Reproduction) to 20-40 guests who take part in the debate. The debate takes place over a gourmet dinner with a menu specifically designed by a renowned chef for the occasion. The menu references clinical processes: from IVF (in vitro fertilization) to gender selection of the future child. Guests choose their dishes to create the ideal, perfect child.

Previous contributors to Procreative Dinners in Paris and Geneva include Jacques Testart, biologist; François Ansermet, psychiatrist specialized in AHR; Ariane Giacobino, geneticist, Serge Labrosse, chef étoilé, and Jean Imbert, Top Chef winner.



The Procreative Dinner, Geneva, 2009