La Destruction n'est pas une fin en soi / Musée Guimet

HOLY, Carte Blanche à Prune Nourry, Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet (MNAAG), Apr-Sept 2017

For its fourth Carte Blanche assigned to a contemporary artist, the MNAAG chose to go beyond the close environment of the Rotunda (4th floor) and show the sculptures of visual artist Prune Nourry, in a poetic dialogue with the collections. Fifteen historic pieces of the museum’s permanent collection share in it.

Presented in a guided tour, Prune Nourry’s works offer visual analogies and semantic correspondences, inviting the visitor to participate throughout the museum in an authentic reflection on the future of mankind. Arisen from a triptych of experiences in Asia, her creations – performances, sculptures, installations – illustrate ten years of the artist’s work.

The tour culminates under the gaze of a monumental creation, a fragmented Buddha, in ruins, made in situ, that takes over every floor. Wandering through the different rooms of the museum we first discover a 7 meter high foot, placed in the Khmer room, introducing the vertical development of the body of this Buddha, up to its head on the top floor, under the rotunda.

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