Anima is an immersive installation that explores the concept of soul and the divide between Man and Animal, through an unprecedented collaboration between art, magic and anthropology. After an exploratory trip to Mexico, several artists from disparate fields, united by a common train of thought, worked together to create this immersive and unprecedented experience in the heart of New York City.

Prune Nourry, artist & Valentine Losseau, anthropologist have invited:
Takao Shiraishi - artist
Etienne Saglio - magician
Benjamin Gabrié - scenographer
Raphaël Navarro (La Cie 14:20) - magician

Thanks: Marieta Blaskova & Paradoxal, Inc / Alex Resnikoff & Hand Held Films / Lena Friedrich

Ligne de vie / La Poste
Mater Earth / Trailer
Infinite Arrows / Galerie Templon Brussels
Atys / Grand Théâtre de Genève
Projet Phenix
Amazone Érogène
Serendipity / Trailer
The Amazon at The Standard / High Line
Terracotta Daughters / Trailer
Imbalance / Chinatown
Holy River Procession
Holy River Processus
Holy Holi
Destruction Is Not The End / Musée Guimet
Holy Daughters / Exhibition View
Holy Daughters / The Story of Sex Selection
Holy Daughters
Eve / Genesis
Adam / Genesis
The Spermbar Performance
The Spermbar Project
The Procreative Dinner
Adoption Day in Brussels