Prune Nourry - Ligne de vie

As part of the creation of her stamp, Prune Nourry donates a work to the Musée de La Poste. Ligne de vie (Aïcha) is a plaster sculpture inspired by a photograph of the hand of a young student at the INJA-Louis Braille (Institut national des jeunes aveugles) and model for the stamp: Aïcha. It joins the museum's collections and will be presented in the hall along with other sculptures from his Projet Phenix, the stamp, the philatelic document and a short film, directed by Vincent Lorca, recounting the creative process and the making of the stamp.

Exhibition from October 12, 2023 to June 30, 2024
Musée de La Poste, 34 bd de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris
Open daily (except Tuesdays), 11am to 6pm

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