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Posted on January 09, 2017

From January 12 to March 4, 2017

Thursday January 12 - 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Galerie Templon
13 A rue Veydt - Veydtstraat
1060 Brussels

With ‘Contemporary Archeology’ presented at Daniel Templon Gallery in Brussels, Prune Nourry recreates the experience of a contemporary archeological site. This new proposition relates directly to her long-term project Terracotta Daughters.
The 108 sculptures, homages to young girls 'never born', or victims of gender selection, were buried in 2015 at a secret site in mainland China by the artist. They will remain buried until 2030, the year when the consequences of China’s one-child policy will peak, marking the moment when the country experiences the greatest gender imbalance ever seen.
Visitors are taken on an immersive journey inside a space transformed using earth, wood, and a variety of materials. Inside they encounter bronze and terracotta sculptures, photographs, videos, as well as the ephemeral creative stages which have become works of art in themselves. L'Atelier, a special installation, invites the viewers to witness the processes that go on behind the scenes at Prune Nourry’s studio.
~ ~ ~
Avec sa nouvelle exposition "Contemporary Archeology", Prune Nourry recrée l'expérience d'un site archéologique contemporain. Cette proposition inédite se place dans la droite ligne de son projet au long cours, les Terracotta Daughters.
Les 108 sculptures, hommage aux petites filles "jamais nées", victimes de la sélection des genres, ont été enterrées par l’artiste en 2015 dans un site secret de la Chine continentale. Elles resteront sous terre jusqu’en 2030, année où les conséquences de la politique de l’enfant unique en Chine atteindront leur paroxysme – marquant le plus grand déséquilibre jamais atteint entre les populations des deux sexes.
Le visiteur est invité à un parcours immersif dans un espace transformé par la terre, le bois, et autres matériaux. Il y rencontre des sculptures en terre cuite, en bronze, des images sculptées, ainsi que les étapes éphémères de la création devenues des œuvres à part entière. Une installation intitulée “ L’Atelier" invite les spectateurs à être témoin des processus de création qui se déroulent dans les coulisses de l’atelier de l’artiste.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Posted on September 26, 2016

Solo Show, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris / October 2016

Solo Show, Daniel Templon Gallery, Bruxelles / January 2017

Solo Show, Guimet Museum (Musée National des Arts Asiatiques), Paris, Apr-Sep 2017


Posted on February 19, 2016

MARCH 5 - APRIL 14, 2016 

Opening Saturday, March 5
Kids from 4 to 6pm
Reception from 6 to 10pm 

Anima is an immersive installation that explores the concept of the soul and the divide between Man and Animal through an unprecedented collaboration between art, magic and anthropology.

Prune Nourry - artist & Valentine Losseau - anthropologist invite:
Raphaël Navarro (La Cie 14:20) - magician
Takao Shiraishi - artist
Etienne Saglio - magician
Benjamin Gabrié - scenographer 

The Invisible Dog Art Center - 51 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY
Thursday to Saturday, from 1 to 7pm, Sunday from 1 to 5pm
Tuesday & Wednesday by appointment only

More information on

Anima is commissioned by The Invisible Dog Art Center and co-presented with Tilt Kids Festival, a production of the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF) and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.
With the generous support of Elizabeth Krief Manardo & Jacques Manardo

Conference given at the Swiss Embassy in Mexico

Posted on January 29, 2016

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Mexico and on the occasion of the international colloquium Hybrids - The Body as Imaginary, artist Prune Nourry gives a talk alongside museum director Tatyana Franck (Musée Elysée Lausanne, Switzerland) and anthropologist Valentine Losseau during a conference on Thursday, February 4th.

Terracotta Daughters / The Earth Ceremony

Posted on October 22, 2015

In 2013, the Army of Terracotta Daughters was born in Xi'an, China, from Prune's collaboration with local craftsmen. In 2014, the 108 life-size sculptures toured the world, from Shanghai to Paris, Zurich, New York and Mexico City.

This week, the Terracotta Daughters' Army is in the process of being buried in Mainland China, following a performance entitled the Earth ceremony, with participants becoming the eyewitnesses of the birth of this “contemporary archeological site” - excavation planned in 2030.

A feature film telling the story of the Terracotta Daughters’ journey will be released next year.

Other events these months:


October 20 - 22, 2015

In collaboration with Magda Danysz Gallery

Espace Pierre Cardin
1 Avenue Gabriel - 75008 Paris
From 11am to 7pm
More infos about the fair


November 4 - December 18, 2015

Simon Studer Art exhibits Prune Nourry's artworks, including Terracotta Daughters pieces, from November 4th to December 18th 2015.

Visit on reservation
Please contact
More infos here

Simon Studer Art
4 ter, route des Jeunes CH-1227 Genève